On a Cloudy Day

The sun appeared out of nowhere and cast its golden breath across the furniture. It stroked the pillows, ruffled the plant’s rowdy leaves, upset the candle. I blinked a couple of times, and it was gone as if it had… Read More ›

The Reason

Why do I write you ask, Why all the scribbling, the notebooks, the wasted paper? Well, after I settle into Time’s carriage and let her drag me away, there will be a pair of hands, a pair of eyes, a… Read More ›


‘OK, we’ll go there someday,’ she said and I said ‘Fine, great’ and walked away since then I’ve been waiting, every day hoping I would not sooner drop dead waiting for her ‘someday’ to come my way via Daily Prompt:… Read More ›

The River

It smells like snow tonight The air splits open your lungs Every breath, a pale sprite Whispers in unknown tongues