Imagine being alone Here In this room All on your own No hope No one will appear No expectations The door won’t creak Resigned Ready Aware Of the quiet Of the unspoken whisper Of the unbroken peace Of your own heartbeat… Read More ›

The River

It smells like snow tonight The air splits open your lungs Every breath, a pale sprite Whispers in unknown tongues


A strange sensation, prickly and painful, under my ribs. Shortening my breath tingling underneath tightening my stomach, an unusual kind of pain, anxiety they call it, I think. I’m waiting, hoping that it will release its hold yet it’s clutching… Read More ›


Sunset comes with age, Senility coats it with oblivion, Separates it from the rigid reality. Thoughts wander through some vast valleys, And nobody can find you. “She’s crazy, gone”, they think While you enjoy the moments That everyone said were lost…. Read More ›