Back Online

Quite a while ago, when I was still in school, I had several blogs that I kept maintaining and updating practically on a daily basis. Then something happened. I did not feel the urge to share anymore. I kept writing, of course, it’s an old habit that I cannot get rid of, yet I felt like keeping it to myself. I’ve written loads of papers and a bunch of poems and short stories at university. I’ve gotten some of them published and I’ve appreciated the feedback, the feeling that my words have reached an audience, and now
that old itch has returned.

Why ‘Notebook in Stitches’?

Notebook: Simply because I’ve so far managed to squeeze the most of my life, at least the important aspects of it, into a series of notebooks. I first started writing at the age of 6 when I started learning cursive at school and got my first diary, and by now I have boxfuls of notebooks that I refuse to get rid of as a proof. I keep fantasizing that one day, a long time from now (when I’m no longer here to be embarrassed by my childish forays into literature), somebody will come across those very notebooks and find some meaning in them. Nevertheless, back to the present reality.

Stitches: My notebooks represent a stitched up collage of experiences, of fiction and non-fiction, of prose and poetry, of criticism and images, of the personal and the objective, and no matter how hard I try to introduce some kind of order and to compartmentalize, it does not seem to be possible. Therefore, this blog is going to be a stitched-up notebook comprising a large pastiche of all the things that come to my mind and manage to leave some sort of imprint there.

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