What’s New

2018 was a strange year, steeped in sticky reminiscences. However, it led to a number of changes, including the current revamping of my website due to a number of projects that I’ve decided to carry out in 2019.

What to expect in the quite near future: 
1. Mythoslav. The brand new portion of the site dedicated to the exploration of the rich and vivid Slavic mythology, which serves as the well of information and inspiration for my new novel (more about that later). 
2. Poetry. There’s a collection in the making. I’ll keep you posted. 
3. On Writing. The inspiration, the process, the daily struggle, and the path onwards. 
4. On Teaching. My newest project involves an exploration of contemporary teaching strategies, particularly those that revolve around teaching reading, and I’ll gladly share my findings. 
5. Book Reviews! Fresh, out of the oven, book reviews!

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