Indie Review: In the Sun by Mixie Plum

In her beautifully written novella, strewn with numerous references to literature, music, and pop culture that allow readers to immerse themselves into the protagonist’s universe, the author Mixie Plum takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster, from laugh-out-loud highs to heart-rending lows. When Phoebe, Plum’s witty protagonist, receives dreadful news, she tries coping with the situation on her own. Burdened by the gloomy prognosis, she takes her daily routine in a stride, attempts burying herself in her dearest memories and, finally, at the prospect of losing them forever, she makes the most difficult decision she has ever had to make.

The first-person narrative gives the reader insight into the protagonist’s thought processes, her flashbacks to events and experiences that had shaped her since childhood, and her innermost workings and feelings that propel the story onwards. Phoebe’s attitude towards life is very straightforward, hence the raw and honest quality of the narrative. She calls things like she sees them, without glittery wrappings and trappings, therefore, the story may seem lighthearted at times, but the deep themes that it targets are nothing to be taken lightly. Phoebe’s charm and sense of humour permeate the story whose contemporary relevance radiates through every page.

In the Sun will not leave any reader indifferent. Phoebe’s captivating story resonates with important messages and presents an honest contribution to the contemporary mental health discourse.

Trigger alert: This novella deals with topics of depression and suicide.

P.S. I was provided with the book in exchange for an independent and honest review, and this is it, all opinions are my own. I am very grateful to the author for entrusting me with her work.  

© 2019 Erna Grcic 

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