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Erna Grcic is a writer, poet, teacher, and translator. She graduated summa cum laude and received two Golden Badges from the University of Sarajevo upon getting her MA in English Language and Literature. She synthesises her love of literature and teaching in her research in the field of literary theory and applied linguistics.

She is currently working on a poetry collection titled Beneath the Surface and writing a novel inspired by ancient Slavic mythology under the working title The Hatching.

A Word from the Author:

‘Literature is my work and my favourite pastime. My first literary experience had started almost thirty years ago, during a particularly bloody war, when in the basement of our heavily bombarded house, my mother read to me in the flickering light of a candle in order to pull me away from the roars and blasts that shook us every now and then and make me fall asleep. Since then, literature has become a safe haven, a source of peace and security in the midst of the everyday uproar.’ – Erna G.

  • Stung

    A strange sensation, prickly and painful, under my ribs. Shortening my breath tingling underneath tightening my stomach, an unusual kind of pain, anxiety they call it, I think. I’m waiting, hoping that it will release its hold yet it’s clutching… Read More ›

  • Fireworks

    ‘Come on, get up! Wake up, come on, it’s started again! Move! Let’s go!’ The blast shook the house. Mother pulled me out of the bed and down the stairs, clutching my sister in her arms. Another blast. We stopped… Read More ›

  • Poe’s Ladies: Search for Perfection

    1.0 Introduction Throughout his work Edgar Allan Poe is guided by the idea explained in his “Philosophy of Composition” where he says that the best inspiration for the most poetical melancholy is found in “the death of a beautiful woman”… Read More ›

  • Today

    Today has been one of those days. The thermos opened in the bag somehow. All the papers, the wallet, the phone, the AC remote, drenched with coffee. Stains everywhere. Attempted to fix it but made it worse. Coffee dripped all… Read More ›

  • Waiting: The Roadside Poem

    I’m standing in the sand By the side of the road Leaning against the hood of my car Like an unenthusiastic prostitute Waiting for the tow truck Overwhelmed by boredom The anxiety in the pit of my stomach Would come… Read More ›

  • Sunset

    Sunset comes with age, Senility coats it with oblivion, Separates it from the rigid reality. Thoughts wander through some vast valleys, And nobody can find you. “She’s crazy, gone”, they think While you enjoy the moments That everyone said were lost…. Read More ›

  • A Tale of … Several Campuses

    As Malcolm Bradbury put it in the first line of The History Man: “Now it is autumn again; the people are all coming back,” yet the beginning of the school year simply doesn’t feel right without the murmur of the… Read More ›

  • The Sugarcoating: A Birthday Poem

    Another year has blown by As quickly as a gust of wind It has ruffled the leaves Strewn the papers across the floor Turned the pages of a book Upset the water a bit Rattled the window panes And made… Read More ›

  • The Stitched-up Girl

    I will start this new notebook with my all-times favourite author, the one whose books always stir something in me, summon a memory, and awaken a long-buried emotion: Angela Carter. She reminds me of my student days when I decided… Read More ›

  • Back Online

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.