When We Were Free

We trod the cobbled courts around Karluv Most Played the fiddle in Piazza San Marco Gambled with rain in Gamla Stan Bought books in Berlin Awaited the spring in Amsterdam And then it stopped. In seven days the world ended Packed up… Read More ›

Happy People

Happy people don’t write poetry, they say Words and thoughts don’t burden their days © 2020 Erna Grcic 

On a Cloudy Day

The sun appeared out of nowhere and cast its golden breathacross the furniture. It stroked the pillows,ruffled the plant’s rowdy leaves and upset the candle. I blinked a couple of timesand it was goneas if it had never been there… Read More ›

Socially Distant

Tedium and isolation have arrived holding hands and pirouetting along the balcony railing on a rainy afternoon. © 2020 Erna Grcic 

Beneath the Surface

I’m glad to announce that my long-awaited poetry collection Beneath the Surface is finally out and ready for pre-orders on Amazon! Having said that, let’s talk a bit about the collection itself. from ‘Stopping Time’ We’re waiting by the roadside.What… Read More ›

Once Upon a Time

Ghosts hover within these walls Unseen footsteps patter in the halls Lions couchant guard the gates Marble pain on their sealed fates The stain on the carpet – blood or wine? Remember when we used this room to dine? Abandoned… Read More ›