Once Upon a Time

Ghosts hover within these walls
Unseen footsteps patter in the halls
Lions couchant guard the gates
Marble pain on their sealed fates
The stain on the carpet – blood or wine?
Remember when we used this room to dine?
Abandoned toys beside the crib
A dull pain underneath the ribs
Mess left mid-play
Nobody here to stay
Laughing spectres above the garden reign
Pale face behind the window pane
Blurry breath stuck in the chest
In the room that once was the best
Dust settling like smooth grey snow
Dried and shrivelled what once used to glow
Wilting memories scream at night
Poltergeists caught mid-flight
In their intent to murder sleep
In a former home buried deep
Underneath the rubble and wreckage of time
Therein lies something that once was mine

© 2019 Erna Grcic 

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