In the Darkest Depths

Be not afraid of whirlpools,
of strong winds, and murky waves.
Fear the creature that dwells
in the darkness deep,
the ice-shackled Kraken,
that threatens to surface
and your soul to keep.

With your every stroke
in the cheery water green,
it stirs in its slumber,
veins on its eyes’ centuries-old husks
that its sight cumber
crack and open gleaming red
wounds that see
the surface of the moribund sea.

It breathes and floats,
free in a jet of bubbles
that ripple the surface.
You laugh and splash
a smile cracks your face,
and It is wide awake,
husks gone, bloodshot eyes
aimed at your shimmering shadow.

You wave at the camera,
somewhere on the shore,
the rain of droplets
dew on your nape.
It hurtles at the surface
toothless mouth agape.
Green water turns black,
then white.
You scream.

I’m proud to announce that this poem – In the Darkest Depths – has been published in the 28th issue of the amazing Three Drops from a Cauldron journal. Check out the link for many wonderful poems! 😉

Also, I’d like to use the opportunity and say that this poem announces my upcoming poetry collection Beneath the Surface that will deal with similar topics – monsters that dwell in the depths, the ones within us that just wait to surface.

© 2019 Erna Grcic 

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