Waiting on the roadside. What for? To be ticked off, Ground and minced, A pile of drying meat Left to rot and repel Everyone but hungry worms Obese, rolling heavily Yet famished, craving flesh. Is it worth the wait? Don’t… Read More ›


Dreams fall apart In my hands Seep through my fingers Into the cracks Through the floor And into the river Of tears and sweat Flowing down the canyons Of the aged face where Dead dreams rot and fester Un-lived, unrealised,… Read More ›

The Worm

A worm Lives in my throat Gnaws at the core The rotten apple Force-fed every day Eggs pregnant with doubt Wants me to shout Whenever they say ‘Hold your tongue’ ‘Speak not your mind’ It itches me into speech Piercing… Read More ›


Imagine being alone Here In this room All on your own No hope No one will appear No expectations The door won’t creak Resigned Ready Aware Of the quiet Of the unspoken whisper Of the unbroken peace Of your own heartbeat… Read More ›

On a Cloudy Day

The sun appeared out of nowhere and cast its golden breath across the furniture. It stroked the pillows, ruffled the plant’s rowdy leaves, upset the candle. I blinked a couple of times, and it was gone as if it had… Read More ›


‘OK, we’ll go there someday,’ she said and I said ‘Fine, great’ and walked away since then I’ve been waiting, every day hoping I would not sooner drop dead waiting for her ‘someday’ to come my way via Daily Prompt:… Read More ›

The River

It smells like snow tonight The air splits open your lungs Every breath, a pale sprite Whispers in unknown tongues

The Night

The indifferent sun sets and on the horizon remain all of the past regrets the world, now their domain Hooded shadows roam the night frightened children under the sheets their tiny sweaty fists clenched tight seek the promised land of… Read More ›


Boredom is settling in again Like a thick layer of aged dust On the topmost shelf in the library Where no one seems able to reach And disperse it Like the smooth snow on the meadow That covers the grass… Read More ›